About Easy Insurance

Easy Insurance is a highly agile, responsive and professional Australian specialist Insurance brokerage. The firm offers a variety of insurance products which are precisely tailored to the needs of the corporate policyholder. We understand the requirements of the Australian business consumer and our brokerage services cover corporate, commercial and small to medium enterprise’s needs. Our firm belief in catering for all insurances types and demands speaks to the fact that we want all businesses to thrive in their relevant spectrums while we take care of your protection. Our philosophy is always to offer succinct, straightforward, Easy Insurance. Our business and our client’s businesses’ have succeeded on this basis, and we plan to continue to offer our clients the very best insurance services, delivered through a team of thriving, dynamic and knowledgeable people.

Our customers come first

We value our customers, no matter what type of business they have. We believe it’s important that you get the exact insurance required for your needs, and above all else, that you find all of your dealings with our business straightforward and effective. We offer a personalised service, and our expert brokerage team has a comprehensive understanding of all of the insurance products which are available to your company. Our clients have always appreciated the time, care and attention we take, making sure you are fully aware of the various options available, and that you are given a prime choice with regards to the different packages and the different insurance underwriters that are on offer. Our quality and lengthy industry experience have shown us that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for corporate customers – firms need a sense of personalisation, credibility and protection in every scenario.

Tailored solutions

Easy Insurance offers an array of tailored solutions to suit a wide range of different business needs, whether it is valid for financial services, general insurance, or work cover. Our well-informed and experienced advisors are fully trained and educated to the highest industry standards. This ensures you are always dealing with people who know the industry realm well and who will take the time fully to comprehend your exact requirements and defined business requisites, prior to recommending specific policies, companies and options to suit your individual needs. Being a brokerage gives us a much greater level of flexibility than going directly to a single insurer.

We deal with the details while you spend time making your business a success

Each and every insurance solution that we offer is a tailored fit for our client’s requirements.  We ensure that by asking the right questions from inception, our insurance solutions are accurately fit for purpose.  High-quality insurance solutions are stress-free to arrange and simple to set-up. At Easy Insurance, we are proud to offer a great service to our corporate clients, that is professionally administered with high-quality outputs for your company.